Hyperextension is caused by the excessive joint movement which is formed by the angle of bone in which joint is straightened or opened. These movements by the bones can make your joint unstable and it also increases the chance of dislocation of joints.

In this article, you will read all about CBD balm for hyperextension, and how CBD can be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of hyperextension. So let’s get started.

Hyperextension: Insight

CBD balm for hyperextension
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Hyperextension can occur to anyone but mostly it is common among athletes who play different sports like football, basketball, and many others. Hyperextension in the joint can result in tissue damage, pain, and swelling. If proper care is not given then hyperextension can take severe form and surgery is the only way for treatment.

Knee, elbow, neck and your back can suffer from hyperextension. So here I will tell you some common symptoms related to hyperextension.

Instability of joints

In hyperextension injury, you will notice that there is instability in your joints especially knee joints. It can cause pain and walking difficulties. Instability can also result in swelling in joints.


Severe pain is expected after hyperextension. The level of pain may vary, it can be mild and it usually increases with the time. The feeling of pain can be sharp and pinching.

Less mobility

You feel difficulty in bending or standing straight, basically, hyperextension will limit your movement because of which you will face difficulty in doing daily activities. Hyperextension causes internal damage like a tear of ligament or meniscus.

Bruising and swelling

After hyperextension injury, you will notice swelling and bruises in joints. Swelling can take severe form if proper treatment is not given in time.

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol which is found in hemp plant. CBD chemical compound is widely used in the medical industry because it is non psychoactive nature which means CBD can’t get you high. With extensive scientific research, CBD is now being used for treating a number of medical disorders like inflammation, arthritis, bipolar, stroke, brain injury, ADD, ADHD, acne and many more.

When you consume CBD it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of your body. Endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating different physiological processes like energy level, sleep, mood, pain, hunger, and some others.

Hyperextension treatment with CBD balm

There are different medication and therapy for treating hyperextension injury but for some individuals, it is not enough. This is where when CBD comes up, CBD has shown a positive effect on reducing the symptoms of hyperextension. This is been possible because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the swelling and pain within the body.

CBD pain balm from Thought Cloud is one of the potential alternatives for reducing pain and swelling caused by hyperextension. It is infused with devil’s claw, arnica, motherwort, MSM, glucosamine, black cohosh, Omega 3, turmeric, and CBD. All these ingredients have certain properties which makes them effective in treating hyperextension.

Other alternative treatment for hyperextension

CBD balm for hyperextension
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Stop all the activities and get medical attention. If you are involved in any sports activity then stop it right away and consult a doctor.

Use Ice

Ice can be very effective in elevating pain and swelling. Place ice between towel or fabric and gently rub over the affected area.

Elevate leg

Keep your leg elevated whenever it is possible. It is better to use a recliner chair and pillow while resting.

Physical therapy

Therapy is very effective in reducing the recovery time from hyperextension injury. It also increases the strength of the affected area.

How much time does it take to recover from hyperextension?

Recovery time depends on the intensity of hyperextension injury. Normally it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get complete relief from injury. If surgery is done to treat your hyperextension injury then full recovery can take upto 6 months. If you are giving proper care and limiting the physical activities then recovery time is expected less.

Summing up

Hyperextension injuries can cause mild and severe pain and it can affect anyone. After reading the above information it is clear that if proper care is not given then hyperextension can take chronic form.

If you are not satisfied with medication and therapies then you can try CBD balm for reducing pain and swelling caused by hyperextension.

I hope you liked my article and if you have any question related to this article then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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