CBD is a compound which is derived from the Cannabis plant. In total there are over 113 cannabinoids which are obtained from the Cannabis plant and CBD is one of them. It is often closely related to marijuana. However, CBD is a non-psychoactive product and has no adverse effect on human beings, unlike THC which can cause various side-effects.

CBD is known to be extremely beneficial for farm animals which are non-toxic in nature. They act as a very good food supplement and can also help to cure different kinds of diseases in animals.

CBD can act as painkillers:

Today CBD is one of the most popular painkillers because of its pain-relieving properties. Several studies have shown that CBD can help to relieve pain in farm animals in a variety of ways. It mainly acts on the CBD receptors which are present near the brain and gives us relief from extreme pain.

CBD is responsible for reducing the secretion of a chemical substance called anandamide in the body of animals. This chemical substance is responsible for reducing the feeling of pain in mammals. Anandamide is also useful in reducing inflammation. The CB2 receptors are mainly responsible for reducing inflammation. CBD reacts with the CB2 receptors and sends signals to the local immune system and helps to fight against immunity. This property can also help farm animals to get rid of various diseases like arthritis, bowel disease and chronic inflammation as well.

CBD is one of the most well-known anticonvulsants:

CBD is used for its ability to control the seizures and spasms which are extremely common in farm animals. There are many cases in which even the animal’s life is lost due to sudden spasms and seizures. In such cases, if CBD is immediately administered to such animals, then they can get relief from such diseases.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug:

Many animals may have to suffer from internal inflammations from time to time. Their gastrointestinal tract may become swollen. This may cause a lot of pain. It can also lead to other serious disorders. CBD is one such product which can be used to heal such inflammations. It regulates the hormones which are responsible for causing inflammation in farm animals. So, if CBD is regularly given to animals, then there are fewer chances of such inflammations. This will keep your farm animals healthy and safe.

It can help to get rid of stress and anxiety:

Even animals may have to suffer from stress and anxiety from time to time. Especial when you take your animal to overcrowded place or when your animal has to confront unknown people, then it may start to suffer from anxiety which is not good for your animal. Also, when you overwork your cattle, they may start to get stressed which will make them sick. So, if you can give CBD products to your animals on a daily basis, you will see that your animal will become more energized and they will be able to perform their work with full efficiency.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand whether your animal is suffering from stress or anxiety but some symptoms of stress include frequent urination, aggression and dry mouth. So, as soon as you see any of these symptoms in your animals, you should understand that your animal is suffering from anxiety or stress and that proper steps will have to be taken.

Frequent vomiting and nausea can cause a number of side effects in your animals including hypertension, excessive drooling, lack of appetite as well as diarrhoea. So, if your animal is suffering from any such symptoms, then you must make sure that you give CBD to your animals on a regular basis so that your animal is once again healthy.

CBD is a well-known antiemetic drug:

An antiemetic drug is one which helps to give relief from nausea and vomiting and also increases appetite. Many a time, you may see that your animal is not eating the required amount of food. It is showing signs of lethargy as a result of which the health of your animal is gradually deteriorating. In such cases, you should give CBD to your animal. You will see that within a few days, your animal will start to regain its appetite and its feeling of nausea will also decrease.

The most common treatment for cancer in animals is chemotherapy. However, chemotherapy in animals can cause a number of side-effects including vomiting, fatigue and loss of appetite which can affect the overall health of your animals. However, CBD is one such unique product which does not cause any side-effects and even can reduce the size of the tumour and prevent it from spreading.

CBD can inhibit rapid cell growth:

A very common disease in farm animals is colon cancer. It occurs due to an uncontrollable growth of cells leading to the growth of malignant tumours which can consume all the minerals and nutrients from the animal’s body gradually leading to the death of the healthy cells. In a recent study,  it was seen that when CBD is administered, the rate of cell growth decreased which inhibited the growth of cancer cells.

CBD helps to maintain homeostasis:

CBD is extremely useful in maintaining the overall health of the farm animals. It is a very good food supplement and it can be used to treat several diseases as well. So, if you want your cattle to be fit and healthy at all times, then CBD products are a must and you must include them in their diet.

How does CBD interact with the body of your farm animals?

There is an endocannabinoid system which is found in the body of all mammals. It has a major role in controlling various processes of the body including sleep and immunity. The endocannabinoid system mainly consists of two cannabinoid receptors which are CB1 and CB2. These two receptors are useful in interacting with the cannabinoids. It is said that cannabinoids can be produced naturally by our body. However, the cannabinoids derived from the plant can also interact with the CBD receptors.



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