The most common cause of shoulder pain is shoulder impingement syndrome. In this condition, rotator cuff tendons are trapped and compressed during the shoulder movement and rotator cuff tendons become inflamed. People who are involved in different sports activities like swimming, basketball, tennis, weightlifting, and cycling are more prone to shoulder impingement syndrome. In impingement, syndrome pain can be persistent and chronic. In this article, you will read more about the causes and symptoms related to shoulder impingement syndrome. I will also tell you about CBD and how CBD can help in reducing the symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome. So let’s start with the causes and symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome.

Shoulder impingement syndrome | Causes & Symptoms

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Your shoulder rotator cuff tendons are protected from bumps and knocks caused by bones. In between the cuff tendons, there is a bony arch which is a lubricating sack which protects the tendons from getting in contact with the bone. If any of these structure gets damaged or injured then tendons get in contact with bone which causes inflammation and bursa.

If you are having dynamically unstable shoulder then also you can have impingement syndrome. In the unstable shoulder, you will have more joint movement and weak muscles and weak ligaments around the joint.


The common symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome are swelling and tenderness. In this topic, I will tell you about some more symptoms related to impingement syndrome.

  1. Minor pain while resting and physical activities.
  2. Pain which travels from shoulder to the side of the arm.
  3. Weak muscles and pain while lifting and moving objects.
  4. Pain while moving your hand behind back or head
  5. Limited or excessive shoulder movement
  6. Swelling and tenderness on the shoulder joint

All about CBD (cannabidiol) in impingement syndrome

CBD is one of the useful chemical compounds which are found in the different strains of the hemp plants. CBD is non psychoactive in nature which means it has no strain of THC. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant through different processes like dry ice extraction method, olive extraction method, CO2 extraction method, and ethanol extraction method. By using CO2 extraction method high & rich quality of CBD is obtained. CBD is available in different forms like oil, wax, tincture, powder, and isolate.

CBD has a number of medical properties like anti-pain, anti-seizure, and anti-inflammation. Nowadays with the change in medical technology CBD is being used for treating anxiety, cancer, bipolar, depression, insomnia, acne, strokes, herpes, Alzheimer’s,  Nausea and many more.

Our body has an endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating pain, mood, hunger, and immune system. When CBD is consumed it binds with the endocannabinoid system which lowers down the hormones which are responsible for pain level. CBD also act as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which help in reducing the pain and inflammation in different joints. CBD is completely non-addictive and non psychoactive in nature because of which you can use it for low weight people.

There are different forms of CBD products available in the market which can help in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by impingement syndromes like CBD oil, capsule, edibles, and spray. CBD oil is one of the best pains revealing alternative all you have to just gently massage it over the affected area to get relief.

Home remedies to get relief from impingement syndrome


Having mild hot shower over the shoulder for 10-15 minutes can reduce the pain. You can also use electric heat pack in which you can adjust the temperature accordingly.


Use the ice pack for massage over the shoulder to reduce pain and swelling. Having ice massage thrice a day can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of impingement syndrome.


Stretching that focuses on the shoulder joint can ease your pain. This will also increase the natural shoulder movement. Stretching can be helpful in increasing the strength of shoulder muscles.

Salt bath

It may sound weird but salt bath relaxes your body. If you are suffering from body cramps then salt bath can help in reducing the cramps.

Final Thoughts On CBD for Impingement Syndrome

If you are involved in sports activities like basketball, swimming, weightlifting, and cycling then you are more prone to impingement syndrome. If you are not getting relief from the pain of impingement syndrome then you can use CBD or given home remedies to reduce the symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome.

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