Your elbow allows you to lift, throw, swing, and hug. The elbow is not a simple joint, it has three bones known as humerus, ulna, and radius. Each elbow bone has cartilage at the end which helps to absorb shock. Tendons are connected to muscles to bones because of which only we can move our elbow freely. If something happens to any of the elbow parts we suffer from intense elbow pain.

There are different treatment options available for elbow pain but if you are looking for a natural form of treatment option then CBD is for you. This natural compound is extracted from industrial hemp and it has no THC. People are using CBD to treat different medical conditions such as Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Chronic Pain, Skin disorders, and Dementia. The best thing about CBD is that you can use it in various forms such as Wax, E-juice, Powder, Topical, and Tincture. Today, we will talk about the role of CBD in elbow pain. I will also give you quick tips on how to use CBD for elbow pain. So let’s start with causes and symptoms.

Causes & Symptoms of Elbow Pain

If you are involved in sports such as baseball, golf, and basketball then you have  a higher risk of developing elbow pain. Repetitive elbow movement and overhead activity also cause elbow pain. Below there are some other causes of elbow pain-


  • Dislocated elbow bone causes intense elbow pain.
  • A fractured elbow bone
  • Overhead activities or lifting heavy objects
  • Elbow muscles  stretched or torn
  • Arthritis


  1. Pain which increases with every elbow movement.
  2. Limited range of motion
  3. Swelling and redness
  4. Bump on the elbow
  5. Warm and tingling sensation over the elbow

Role Of CBD In Elbow Pain

CBD is obtained from whole hemp plant extract. This compound is rich in different therapeutic properties such as anti-pain and anti-inflammation. For understanding the role of CBD we have dive deeper. Our body has an endocannabinoid system which and cannabinoid receptors CB1 & CB2. When you consume CBD it interacts with the endocannabinoid system for regulating pain level.

Tips To Use CBD For Elbow Pain

  1. CBD infused edibles are a discreet way to consume CBD. different forms of CBD edibles are available to choose from such as a cookie, gummies, and chocolate.
  2. You can also use sublingual products such as oil and tincture. The best thing about sublingual products is that you can consume it orally just by dropping a few drops of it under your tongue.
  3. CBD topical is the best form to use when suffering from elbow pain. You can apply it directly over the elbow to reduce pain and inflammation.
  4. Vaping is also effective method when you are suffering from pain.
  5. You can add CBD oil as a supplement to your food and drink, it will keep you away from pain throughout the day.

Home Remedies For Elbow Pain

Use an ice pack to massage the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation. It reduces redness and also hastens the healing process. Compression is also very helpful in reducing pain. Rest as much as possible, limit the use of the elbow. It will protect your elbow from any further injury. You can also use a supportive band to support elbow movement.

Relieve Elbow Pain Naturally

Pain, inflammation, and swelling are the initial symptoms of elbow pain. Using CBD in different forms and following the home remedies will help you to overcome with elbow pain.

In this article, I have mentioned all the essential information related to CBD and elbow pain. If you have any doubt or question related to this article then feel free to mention them in the comment section. Thank you for reading this article.


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