New discoveries in science make your life easier. With more and more researches backing CBD oil, you may also look for the newest ways to consume this magical herb. One great way is with the use of a vape pen.

Two reasons why vaping can be good. It offers a faster way to experience the health benefits of hemp oil. Second, you can decide better what amount is required for your healing. So this is how you prevent yourself from overdosing.

Having said that, reaching the best available Rubi vape can be quite challenging. Many vendors claim the product with them to be best. But how will you decide the best?

This short guide may give you a few comparisons with other vape pens. So through this comparative analysis, you can come to a conclusion. As far as the quality of vape pens is concerned – Rubi Vape is impressing users. Let’s know why.

Why Rubi Vape?

It has the distinction of the newest entrant in the vape market. Armed with an array of useful features this vaporizer can offer a delightful puffing experience. Of course, loaded with many health benefits! Let’s see what makes Kandypens Rubi vape, shiny over others:

Compact Stylish Design

This vape pen is so sleek and stylish that you can carry it anywhere you go. Without the inconvenient liquid chamber, you will find a great comfort taking puffs. The small battery inside it makes it the best on-the-go vape pen.


Rubi vape has a USB port to charge it. It is how you can maintain the power even when you are traveling. These days vaporizers are coming with a standard USB port so don’t worry you can charge it inside your car too. Oh yes! No more losing cables or proprietary chargers.

Refillable Cartridge

If you have to use your Rubi vape frequently, the refillable option can be great. It is economical and you can try different CBD strains at a different time.

Control Air Flow

You can control the airflow according to your requirement. It has a great advantage. With a tiny air carb in the side take a big rip and set it free if you want a big vape cloud. Alternatively, put your thumb on the carb to inhale a slight amount.

OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology

The hemp liquid in the cartridge is activated by a ceramic coil. It has many benefits like longer life and absence of dry hits. The ceramic made coils also have self-cleaning properties. You also experience better rendering of flavors with a cotton wick. All these advantages make ceramic coil a safer option than conventional metallic wires that oxidize in presence of hemp liquid.

Temperature Controlled

The temperature in the Rubi vape is regulated automatically no matter what is vaped. So you don’t need to worry about the temperature for different concentrations of your hemp liquids.


This vaping device is equally good for CBD oils as well as other e liquids. Anything you can try from lavender infused CBD oil to full spectrum vape CBD according to your requirements whether they are medicinal or recreational.

In a nutshell, Rubi vape offers a cost-effective medium to experience the health benefits associated with hemp CBD. It is user-friendly with the air carbs and refillable cartridges to compliment it. All these features make Kandypens Rubi vape a wonderful device, probably the best vaporizer available in the market for vaping.

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